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Navigating the World of Concentrates: Denver’s Best Picks

Navigating the World of Concentrates: Denver’s Best Picks

In the heart of Denver’s bustling cannabis culture, the evolution of concentrates has reached new heights, offering enthusiasts an unrivaled experience in potency and flavor. Amidst this ever-growing landscape, three brands – 710 Labs, Natty Rems, and Harmony Extracts – have distinguished themselves as the connoisseurs’ choice. In this deep dive, we will explore the myriad of concentrate forms they offer, from the full-bodied live resin to the pure simplicity of wax and the glass-like clarity of shatter.

710 Labs: The Artisanal Standard

710 Labs is not just a brand; it’s a stamp of quality and craftsmanship. Their extensive menu of concentrates is a testament to their passion for excellence. The live resin from 710 Labs, a product of their obsessive refinement, captures the aromatic essence of the live plant with a bouquet of terpenes that dance on the palate. This full-spectrum concentrate, often brimming with THC levels upward of 80%, offers a synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes, creating an entourage effect that amplifies both the flavor and the psychoactive experience.

Their wax, another popular choice, speaks to the purists – those who seek the unadulterated and robust flavor of cannabis. 710 Labs’ wax is a creamy, opaque concentrate that strikes a balance between pliability and potency. It’s the product of a careful purging process that removes all residual solvents while retaining the rich terpene profile of the plant.

Shatter by 710 Labs is as much a visual marvel as it is a powerhouse of purity. With its translucent amber appearance and brittle consistency, shatter is the go-to for users looking for a clean, straightforward hit that packs a punch. Each shard is a result of meticulous extraction and stabilization processes, ensuring a high-purity product that shatters like glass at room temperature.

Natty Rems: The Pioneers of Purity

Natty Rems, or Natural Remedies, has long held the torch for producing some of the most pristine concentrates on the market. Their live resin stands out as a dazzling display of the plant’s original profile. Made from freshly harvested flowers that are frozen immediately to preserve all terpenes, cannabinoids, and other essential oils, Natty Rems’ live resin is an ode to the plant in its most authentic form.

When it comes to wax, Natty Rems delivers a product that is as potent as it is pure. Their wax concentrates are celebrated for their smooth consistency and rich, nuanced flavors. The brand is renowned for its proprietary extraction methods that yield a concentrate full of the desired cannabinoids and nothing else – no residual solvents, no impurities.

Their shatter, meanwhile, is a spectacle of stability and clarity. Users favor Natty Rems’ shatter for its snap-and-dab convenience and its transparent purity. It’s a potent product, often sought after by those needing significant relief from various conditions, delivered in a form that is both potent and discreet.

Harmony Extracts: The Symphony of Flavor and Potency

Harmony Extracts has carved out a niche in the concentrate market with its symphonic balance of potency and palatability. Their live resin is a lush tapestry of flavor, often expressing the vibrant and diverse terpene profiles of their carefully selected strains. Harmony Extracts takes pride in their method, which involves freezing plant material upon harvest to ensure that the final product is teeming with the plant’s original essence.

The wax produced by Harmony Extracts is a nod to those who value the subtleties of taste and aroma. Their wax is a flavorful, terpene-rich concentrate that doesn’t compromise on potency. It offers users a robust and full-bodied experience that makes it a staple for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

For those who prefer their concentrates to come with a side of spectacle, Harmony Extracts’ shatter is a clear choice. Its translucent beauty is matched by its high THC content, delivering a powerful experience that is both clean and long-lasting. Harmony’s shatter is the culmination of their meticulous extraction process, resulting in a pure, stable, and potent product.


The world of cannabis concentrates in Denver is a rich tapestry, with each brand weaving its unique thread into the broader picture. Whether you’re enticed by the artful creations of 710 Labs, drawn to the purity of Natty Rems, or captivated by the harmonious balance offered by Harmony Extracts, there is a concentrate form to suit your taste. Live resin, wax, and shatter each offer distinct experiences in consumption and effect – from the entourage effect of full-spectrum live resins to the high potency and purity of shatters. As the demand for concentrates continues to grow, these brands stand at the forefront, guiding us through the nuances of this potent and versatile cannabis form. In Denver’s concentrate market, the options are plentiful, the quality is soaring, and the journey is just as rewarding as the destination.